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News: Couple Having Sex In Car Causes Traffic Jam

Back seat windows up that’s the way…you know the rest.



Kelli M. Knutson and Logan P. Jackson went to a strip club together, got so hot and bothered from the actions in the club that they decided to park their car outside a Springfield, Oregon city jail to get down and dirty.  Passing motorists slowed down to get a glimpse of the action.  Police say, so many people stopped to watch that a traffic jam occured.

Huffington Post reports,

Officers were called to the scene and found the couple “actively engaged”; the car rocking back and fourth.

“It ended soon after [officers] knocked on the window,” Springfield Police Sergeant Rich Charboneau told KVAL. “They were very cooperative.”

The couple told officers that they were too caught up in the moment to realize that they had caused the traffic jam.

They were arrested on charges of indeecent exposure and disorderly conduct.  Normally police would have let them go but someone didn’t appreciate all the traffic they were causing.  Jackson was sent to the jail he was parked outside of, Knutson (what a fitting name) was sent to Lance County Jail.

People don’t you know to go to an empty parking lot for these activities?  This couple broke all the rules.


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