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Awkword NWords Release “Chiefin” Just In Time For 4/20 [STREAM]

Today marks an important (yet unofficial) national holiday — why, 4/20 of course! Whether you’re stuck at your office desk dreaming about the spliff you want to light or if you’re in the comfort of your hazy bedroom on this rainy NYC day, Brooklyn’s own Awkword NWords has you covered!

The rap duo (comprised of Atom Kane and COol 1ne) has released their latest track, simply titled “Chiefin,” in celebration of today’s festivities. The drowsy, laidback mid-tempo features quirky flows and tongue-in-cheek allusions to getting lifted. Along with the new tune, Awkword NWords are gearing up to release their #BKliens mixtape very soon.

Take a listen below, and let us know if it has you bopping in the comments!

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