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The Daily Read: True Life: I Have a Closet Full of Clothes, But I Have Nothing To Wear!

Like many of you, the morning routine looks a little like this:

Wake up, shower, make-up, decide outfit, sprint out the door because the last portion of your routine took 45 minutes and now you’re late, and your room looks like the epicenter of a tornado.

For many of us our mornings can go from zero to frustration because we are constantly faced with a closet full of clothing, but absolutely nothing to wear. Now, I know there are many that think, “Oh, they are just spoiled, I’m sure they have tons of options, they are just being brats.” But, allow me to give you a glimpse into our world and why we are far from spoiled, and actually suffering serious first world problems.

1) Keeping up with the ever-changing fashions can be very difficult and anxiety inducing.


I’m not saying we need to always be in the mall picking up the latest trends, however, it does make a difference within your entire attitude in the morning if you know your outfit is on point.  Many of us want to feel like we look good leaving the house, and sometimes that means sporting a trendy piece. However, keeping up with these trends can be costly. I’m all about living within your means and learning to save your money, even if that means sacrificing your fashion finds. Therefore, mornings can be pretty frustrating if you know that your wardrobe has not been updated in a few seasons.

A helpful solution: Start purchasing classics that will rarely go out of style, and learn to mix and match.  You may have just worn that blouse last week, but paired with different garments, it will look like a brand new piece every time.

2) Weight fluctuations are real.


As a female, we are all very familiar with varying weight. Depending on that time of the month, our stress levels, and our exercise routines, our waistlines can be ever-changing.  As frustrating as it is, that is just what happens.  Therefore, the same pieces that looked fabulous in the fall, may not look that great by the time spring arrives due to the holiday season, winter laziness, skipped gym days, and weekend binge drinking. Unfortunately, until we can fit back into those favorite pieces, we will continue to pass by a number of items in our closet.

A helpful solution: Spend the extra bit of cash on the well-made classics, so that when those changes occur, you can take them to the closest tailor to get them taken in (or out.) In my case, things have expanded, so we will be taking out some stitching to make room for my derrière.

3) We have serious trouble with letting go.


Seriously ladies, we have to get better at letting go! Let go of bad habits, bad boyfriends, and old clothing! Just be real with yourself, it’s been ages since you last touched that dress from your senior year of high school. Why is it still hanging in your closet? It is time to move on.  I know you may think you will need it for one of those random themed parties, but that is what we have places like the consignment shops for. You can purchase vintage pieces that still respect your budget.

A helpful solution: Please do yourself a favor and get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn in years. My rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it’s time to donate. At this point four seasons have passed – there is no need to hold on to something that is only collecting dust. Pack it up, and donate it to the Salvation Army for someone who can actually get some use out of it.

So, hopefully this post has provided some insight for those judgmental folk who roll their eyes every time they hear someone complain that they “don’t have anything to wear!”

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