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Meet The Librarians

D.HowE:  Editor-In-Chief

D.HowE is a New York City based writer that is here for all things funny, uplifting, silly, and occasionally shady. The quirky (and somewhat awkwardly extroverted) twenty-something is far from what you would expect — dabbling in all areas of urban, pop, and underground culture while finding a way to culminate it all. Her interests include full time stanning for Beyonce, Bruno Mars and all of her awesome indie rapper friends, making a mess of her social life and finding new places to day drink on Saturdays. Nothing about her makes sense, but in the end, she means well. For absolutely no clarification on all of this and even more inappropriate thoughts, follow her on twitter @dhowE_.


Asia Nicole: Director, Social Media

Born in Queens and raised in Long Island, Asia is kinda-like that firecracker you’re not quite sure will wait to be lit before starting its pyrotechnic show.  Currently residing in Long Island with her dogs, she lives the best of both worlds: working hard and playing even harder. Shortly after the quittin’ bell rings, you’re apt to find this life-of-any-party attending her friends’ rap shows, or just being social at the [you-fill-in-the-blank] bar—really.  Truly compassionate, she’s dedicated to any cause or group that will allow her name on the bill.  Just don’t forget: Asia’s from Jamaica, Queens and she’ll kill-ya-quick-as-look-at-ya. For all things a flaming hot mess, follow her on twitter @aye_nikk.

Spilled Tea: Director, Public Relations

Hartford, CT native Madison, (pronounced: Spilled Tea) is an all-around creative being.  At a young age she loved music, art, and dance– and as a young adult, she discovered then added to that list-of -loves her current passion-for-fashion.  Despite spending only a short stint focused on Fashion Merchandising, Madison remains current with and relevant amidst the latest styles and trends.  Ever vibrant, Madison is a proud member of #TeamIMayBeAnAdultButINeedAChaperone.  Sarcastic by nature, she is quite familiar with extremely awkward S.O.S moments and (bonus points) has learned to take them in full stride!  As Director of PR and Marketing for The Library, Madison excitedly applies all she learned during her four-years-as-victim-of-highway-robbery-by-Northeastern-University to help make our site a huge success. Follow her on Twitter @SpilledTea_.

Smaxxie: Senior Staff Writer  

Smaxxie was born and raised in the South Shore of Massachusetts. Although she does not have a full blown, awful, Boston accent, she does mispronounce the following words: mail, bear, pear, stair, scared, and adventist. She is a big fan of improv comedy, and hopes to one day work up the courage to perform her own stand-up. She is a devout Harry Potter head, and is a self-professed geek, although she likes to pretend she is a badass when asked about her tattoos. She is good friends with the main writers of this blog, but often questions said friendships, as they often leave her close to bankruptcy and near death. Follow her on Twitter @smaxxie.


Bianca G.: Contributing Staff Writer

Bianca Gracie is a young writer, pop culture enthusiast & occasional shade-thrower figuring out her post-grad life with the streets of NYC as her guide. She is a self-proclaimed Pop addict who has an unhealthy obsession with Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey & Rihanna – but she also throws some Trap into the mix for good measure. Her latest musical thoughts can be found on her blog, Youth & Hysteria. Follow her on Twitter @BiancaEnRogue.


Jazzmin Brooks: Contributing Staff Writer

Jazzmin Brooks better known as Jazz, stands only at 5 feet three inches tall, but her personality accounts for so much more than that! Born in Boston, but raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jazzmin is in her Junior year at Northeastern University, where she’s pursuing a degree in Communication Studies along with a minor in media production. When she’s not in class, she’s dancing or ransacking the Internet for the latest in pop culture news. Her guilty pleasures include watching Love and Hip Hop, finding good tea to discuss with her fellow Librarians, and of course eating! Jazzmin also is an aspiring radio personality hitting the airwaves every Friday from 12-1pm EST on 104.9FM WRBB which you can tune in to here! For more info and hilarious commentary, follow Jazz on twitter @allthtjazzzz.

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