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PREMIERE: Noah Vinson (Featuring Dave Dolla) Tackles His Own Fiery “BarXzam”

If you’re deep into the NYC underground hip-hop scene, then you should be familiar with the always-fun rhyme series — “BarXzam.” Made popular by Brooklyn rapper, Wordsmiff, it finds various MCs from different boroughs spitting their hardest lines over a steady instrumental as they show just why they’re the next one to watch in music.

The latest artist to show off his “BarXzam” skills is Bronx’s own, Noah Vinson. Featuring Word Is Bond Music’s DJ Dave Dolla, the track fails to take a break while he ruthlessly raps over well-known instrumentals including Jay Z’s “Brooklyn We Go Hard,” J. Cole’s “Fire Squad,” Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” and more. Vinson manages to hold his weight against the bold tones of these songs, as he boasts a braggadocio flow that is filled with slick metaphors and refreshing alliteration. The sounds are seamlessly mixed by Dolla, of course.

Take a listen to Noah Vinson’s “BarXzam” below, let us know in the comments if you think he nailed it!


If you’re looking for more from the artist, he plans to step out on his own with the forthcoming EP — Illusion Of Inclusion, a 6-track project that is set to be released this Summer. Mixed and mastered at NYC’s Attic Studios, it is expected to display his lyrical abilities as well as the ability to create an electrifying experience in witty wordplay, catchy choruses and insightful look at another side from Noah Vinson.

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