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Ladies, Don’t be Afraid to Push Your Weight Around by Quantum Leap Fitness

” I don’t want to look like a man!”

” I just want to lose weight, I don’t want to build muscles “

” Won’t I get brolic from lifting weights ?”

For the next couple months you will walk into your local gym, bypass the free weights, head straight to the treadmill, proceed to run for 30 minutes and go home. And in three months no significant changes will be made. You will quit, lose motivation , or become ” too busy” to workout. The truth is those weights that you’ve been avoiding are the reason that body you envisioned will never come to fruition.

But I see where the assumptions come from. Conventional logic tells us :
(hu)man + dumbbells = huge muscles

But in reality, women the average woman’s testosterone levels are 5–10 percent of the average man’s. In one study, post-exercise testosterone levels were 45 times higher in men than women. So the lady you see on the cover of Muscle and Fitness only got there in one of two ways: performance enhancer drugs or years of rigorous training.


Now that we’ve explained that, the question is, ” why is it important that women progressively introduce heavy weight training to any weight loss program ?” Let’s explore.

• Weight training burns about the same amount of calories per hour as low-intensity cardio, but it also burns more calories after the workout in an “Afterburn Effect.” The muscle you build as a result also helps keep you lean because it increases the total amount of calories that your body burns while at rest.
• Weight training helps build a higher immune system and your chances of developing diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer are significantly reduced.


Start by putting down the 2- and 3- pound dumbbells and incorporate heavy deadlifts, heavy squats, and dumbbell lunges. These workouts are considered compound exercises because they place the entire body under tension. The more muscle groups you effectively work, the more calories you will burn and more body fat you will lose. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you! I’m using the word “heavy” on purpose; the weight has to challenge you, specifically. I realize the word heavy is subjective and so right now, you may be wondering “what qualifies as heavy lifting ?” The answer simple; start by using weights that are heavy enough to limit you to 8–10 repetitions for an average of 3-4 sets. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout and getting to your goals.

Summer is calling, so, ladies? Love.Laugh.Lift!

(via The Huffington Post)

Irving Hyppolite is a certified personal trainer and the founder of Quantum Leap Fitness. Be sure to check out his website and follow him on twitter.

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