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The Daily Read: “Ackee And Saltfish” Is The Webseries You Need To Be Watching [VIDEO]

If most of you don’t know by now, we like West Indian culture here at The Library.

Okay, it’s like love  – and we’re a bit biased to anything that has to do with the culture, being that most of us are West Indian gyals ourselves. Naturally, anything with a name such as Ackee and Saltfish was bound to catch our eye. U.K. based filmmaker, Cecile Emeke has given the Broad City girls a run for their money with her brilliant web-series, Ackee & Saltfish. The webseries, which was first debuted back in February as a short film, has taken the internet by storm; with OkayAfrica saying it’s “unlike anything else on TV or the web right now.”

The short film, which was originally about the two-some on the prowl for the classic Jamaican dish, ackee and saltfish, the film has grown into a groundbreaking series taking the Internet by storm. Featuring twenty-somethings Olivia and Rachel, portrayed by U.K. actresses Michelle Tiwo and Vanessa Babirye, the series chronicles the daily shenanigans of the two best-friends. Olivia and Rachel’s adventures are masterfully brought to life by the two comediennes, delivering hilarious banter and perfectly timed improv to make for a modern (and fun) way to see what life is like meandering throughout the city in search of something greater. Perhaps what makes this series stellar, is Emeke’s production style. Opting to leave the series to appropriately short episodes, the director’s editing discipline is unique and concise, making for a clean and enjoyable ride for viewers.

Ackee and Saltfish just finished their debut season, but you can catch all of the episodes here. Be sure to watch the short film below now and click over to OkayAfrica to read their review.


(image via OkayAfrica)


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