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Entertainment Roundup: Say What?! Angie Stone Charged with Assualt

Grammy nominated soul singer, Angie Stone, has been charged with aggravated assault…

R&B Divas star, Angie Stone, is in custody after an altercation with her daughter, which resulted in her daughter losing two of her front teeth. While some details remain unclear, Diamond Stone, who is the 30-year-old daughter of the singer who also lives with her,  claims that both she and her mother were arguing with each other about keeping her children in control. According to local reports, the Diamond’s children were running around the house “half-naked.”

Things must have gotten heated because Diamond claims she was acting in self-defense against her mother, which led Angie to use a metal jewelry stand to hit Diamond in the mouth. Angie claims that it was her daughter that was the one who initiated the altercation; stating that allegedly her daughter was the one who punched her first and that’s when she felt the need to act in defense. Both were taken into custody, however Angie was the only one that was booked, with officials releasing Diamond.

This is not Angie’s first run in with the law; the singer was caught 3 years ago driving with a suspended license. There are two sides to the story, while we may never know the truth I hope these two can make amends. What are your thoughts on the situation – was Angie in the right for hitting her daughter? Leave your thoughts below!



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