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Smaxxie’s Corner: #FBF and Exciting Updates

It’s Friday, you know what that means!

Happy Friday everyone! Normally, I would be speaking to you through video, but life gets crazy! So, instead, let’s partake in a little Flash back Friday and take a look at the first three episodes that began the hilarity that is Smaxxie’s Corner!

Before you watch those little blasts from the pasts, I have an exciting opportunity for you all. How would you feel about contributing in a BIG way to our next episode? Here’s the deal: a good friend of mine has agreed to write a book EXCLUSIVELY for the show! The only problem is, she doesn’t know what to call it. That’s where you come in! I need you all to send me the most ridiculous title for a children’s story that you can think of. Submit that title in the comments section below and my favorite will be read in the next episode of Smaxxie’s Corner, premiering March 13th!

So send those wacky titles along and enjoy the memories below!


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