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The Daily Read: “Don’t Take it Personal”

There are some things that you just need to let roll off your shoulders.


You know that saying “What other people think about you is none of your business?” Well, that may be more true in some instances than others. No matter how you look at it, it is easy to take some people’s communication toward or about you personally. This, my friends, can be an energy leach that you do NOT need in your life right now.

Need an example? Well, in the corporate world, your work is criticized all the time, especially if you work for a large company. Now it may be your first reaction to become defensive and feel like you are being personally attacked, but you cannot let those initial reactions control your response. Take a moment after hearing the criiticisms, think about where this person is coming from, and then respond as professionally as you can while putting your personal feelings aside. For the most part, this person was trying to improve your work, not you as a person.

In the non-corporate world, it can be very easy to take things too much to heart, especially when it is coming from someone with whom you have a personal relationship. If someone gives you attitude or says something that starts to rub you the wrong way, do not react on impulse. Think about it: was this something that you interpreted as being negative but was not his or her intent? If that’s the case, don’t let it get to you. Take from it the constructive or meaningful pieces and keep it moving. If it truly was something negative and seemed uncalled for, take the high road. Unless this is something that is repeatedly happening, Elsa the hell out of that situation and let it go. When there is no true reason for someone to feel a type of way about you, their communication and attitude is a reflection of their own insecurities and mentality, not you personally.

The moral of the story here is that your energy is something you need to protect. Do not let negative communication impact you if it has no true meaning to you or your position. I would quote a Taylor Swift lyric here, but I’m pretty sure she had it copy written.


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