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ICYMI: Tray Pizzy Talks “The Truman Show”, State of NY Hip Hop and More on Power105’s #NewNY


Budding underground rap star Tray Pizzy stopped by Power 105’s “New NY” show for a little quality time and some much needed insight to what real hip hop sounds like in these New York Streets. The interview, which originally aired Sunday night, was conducted by hosts DJ First Choice and Jovonn the Don. The sit down was a long overdue for the young artist, who shed light on the happenings in the underground scene and the recent power struggle between peers Troy Ave., Manolo Rose, and Fame School.

Pizzy, who chose to remain neutral on the drama, had this to say when asked if the drama started with him:

“That’s between those two camps to be honest. I’m my own person, so I’m not in the middle. I squashed that. To me – No blood was drawn and no fists were thrown, so to me, it can be squashed between them.”

On which song the people need to be listening to from “The Truman Show”:

“My Borough. I think that track epitomizes the feeling of the city. We don’t have that kind of anthem here. We have Atlanta anthems, and we need that here.”

On support and being a heavyweight on the scene:

“I think I’m one of the few people that are putting New York in the right position. You know I have a little audience so I do what I can to support if I believe in someone. With me, I think I’m ahead of the game now. It’s all about timing and I think it’s the perfect timing for me now.”

The audience was also treated to a rare (but wonderfully mastered) freestyle from Pizzy, who doesn’t believe in the performance tool, citing issues of fairness. “A lot of artists get measured by that standard and then don’t actually live up to that standard – or it could be vice versa. You could have a dope freestyle, but you can’t base an artist off of that.”

Sidenote: Was this a hip hop radio show or a D.A.R.E. counseling session that we were listening to? Maybe you should be focusing on the music a bit more rather making it about a PSA special/Page 6 gossip column (we’re absolutely talking to you, Power 105). In any event, it’s no secret that we absolutely love Tray Pizzy here at The Library and were elated that he received such a major opportunity!

Get into the awesome interview below and be sure to check out the video for Pizzy’s latest single, “Murda One” featuring Benny Blanko, as well! Also, be on the lookout for Pizzy’s performance at SXSW, coming soon!



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