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EXCLUSIVE: Noah Vinson Announces ‘Illusion Of Inclusion’ EP & Tour Dates

The underground hip-hop scene continues to bubble over into the eyes of the mainstream in 2015, and Noah Vinson is part of the pack! The inventive rapper brought us major collaborative tunes like “Citadal,” “#DRUNK” and “On God” featuring Frank RamzWordsmiff and Req Cartier last year.

But this time around, the artist plans to step out on his own with his forthcoming EP —Illusion Of Inclusion, a 6-track project that is set to be released this Summer. Mixed and mastered at NYC’s Attic Studios, it is expected to display his lyrical abilities as well as the ability to create an electrifying experience in witty wordplay, catchy choruses and insightful look at another side from Vinson.

“This project is a different side of me, a more aggressive sound. But the lyricism and my ability to adapt remains the same. As an artist I aim to never make the same thing twice, so I figured it was time for me to step out of the box & not follow the trend so much as borrow it for a quick minute and make something spectacular & new,” explains Vinson. “With all the aggression on the EP I never actually talk about money, violence or drugs in any literal sense so I think that’s something special. The flow I used on [songs likes] ‘MT. PYRE’ was very much inspired by Lil Herb & Bibby out in Chicago and even tidbits of the drill movement as a whole, and with the same aggression I was able to avoid violence in a literal sense so to me that’s something amazing.”

He continued, “I’m paying for the production and the recording & engineering of the project in full, so its 100 percent owned by me. All quality work and fans of my work will appreciate all that I’ve put into it.” If the project features Vinson’s slick and unique flow as well as his witty, out-there lyricism, then it is bound to be one to look out for.

If you’re impatiently anticipating the arrival of the EP, Vinson plans to take his new music live on stage. The mini-tour kicks off on Wednesday, February 25 in the Bronx and wraps up on March 31 at NYC’s Lit Lounge.

Keep reading to see where Noah Vinson will be performing in the next few weeks!


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