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Entertainment Roundup: The Breakfast Club Interviews Amber Rose, Tyga, AND Kanye West

We’ve got a packed post for you with THREE controversial interviews this week on the popular morning radio show, The Breakfast Club.

It all started with Amber Rose, who called Tyga out for presumably dating 17-year old Kylie Jenner, which led Tyga to go in and clear some things up, which led to last – but certainly not least – Kanye West had to drop in for a visit. What makes this more interesting is how all three of them are connected. For those of you who live under a rock, Amber dated Kanye, who ended up marrying Kim, whose little sister seemingly is dating Tyga, whose ex is Blac Chyna who is now ex friends with Kim and best friends with Amber. Mouthful? Messy? Yeah we think so too! Each one of these interviews revealed some interesting details about each of these stars but let’s start with Amber!

Amber kept it real on the Breakfast Club revealing details of her failed marriage, her son and her new rumored boo! While she did not confirm or deny the story about finding Wiz with twins, which caused her file for divorce, she did insinuate that he was the cheater in the relationship, saying that she often used to wait for him to come home at night. She also made it very clear that Wiz was the love of her life, saying that the person he became is not the man she married. Based off of some of Wiz’s tweets and comments you would think Amber is a terrible mom, but a simple haircut for The Bash was root for some of the tweets. Social media isn’t always what it seems people!

Amber also discussed her relationship with manager Nick Cannon, whom she was rumored to be dating, and let everyone know it’s strictly business. She did blush a little when Rockets basketball player, James Harden, saying that it’s only been a month and they have a special friendship, also saying she has not gotten the D yet! The most important part of the interview which landed her in a twitter battle were her comments regarding the rumored relationship between Tyga and Kylie, in which she said basically that she’s too young and he should be ashamed of himself. Amber also talks about her new projects coming up including a movie she’s starring, for that and more juicy details watch the interview below!

Tyga decided to join in the fun as well, doing the interview in response to comments made by Amber Rose about his alleged relationship with Kylie Jenner. Tyga opens the interview by saying that him and Kylie are NOT together. He adds that in black culture if two people are seen together assumptions are made, but in white culture it’s different people can actually be friends. Side eye to the ignorance,  all of that aside, he said he spends time with Kylie because he likes her energy. Sooo there are not other 21+ women with great energy Tyga? He goes onto say he and Blac Chyna have a great relationship which seems very hard to believe seeing that he spends so much time with youngest Kardashian. He defends himself by saying that he’s known the family for a long time, even says that he introduced Chyna to the family. Tyga also elaborates on the Young Money drama, his beef with Drake and more in his interview. Check it out below!

Lastly to top it all off, Kanye dropped by The Breakfast Club to say what he had to say and believe me shots were fired. Kanye let everyone know if Kim had wanted him earlier, Amber Rose wouldn’t exist. He also added that Kim found him less desirable because of his relationship with Amber, saying he had to shower 30 times! Yikes! In true Breakfast Club fashion they ask some of the tough questions and when Kanye was asked about baby sister-in-law Kylie, he answered the question everyone else has been beating around. Is Kylie dating Tyga? Based off of Kanye’s answer it seems that they are, saying that Tyga was smart and got in early, more importantly that he cannot comment on anyones relationship, meaning there is a relationship to comment on. Sips tea, looks like Kanye let the cat out of the bag! Peep the rest of the interview below!



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