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The Daily Read: Are You Needy?

Are you unaware of how overwhelmingly needy you are as a person? That’s because you probably need to be told.


We all have that one friend or know that one person who requires way more attention than necessary. These people are energy suckers, and they are constantly in need of something, be it attention, affection, advice, or just an ear to listen to their ramblings. The worst thing about people like this is that they are completely unaware that they have become a leech to everyone around them in terms of energy and overall sanity.

If you need help identifying the needy people in your life, or are concerned that you yourself may be needy and not know it, here are the five annoying signs of a needy person:

1) They require advice or input on every aspect of their lives.

We all need advice or input from time to time. We’re human, and living in a silo is never a good idea. However, if someone is asking for advice on every damn thing, they are being needy. “What should I bring?” “Should I go to this party?” “Should I apply to this job?” “Do you think he likes me?” “Am I being obnoxious?” STOP ASKING SO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS AND MAKE AT LEAST ONE DECISION ON YOUR OWN! If you can’t think for yourself, chances are you are either a child or needy as hell.

2) They require recognition of all of their little accomplishments.

You just landed a new job? Awesome! Congratulations! You talked to that dude you’ve been eyeing? Ok, cool. Don’t go boo-hooing when I don’t come across overwhelmingly excited for every single good thing you have going on. “You didn’t even wish me a  happy six-month anniversary!” Really? BECAUSE ANNIVERSARY IMPLIES ANNUAL AND SIX MONTHS DOES NOT FIT THAT CRITERIA. Sorry.

3) They can’t attend anything on their own.

“I don’t want to go by myself!” I completely understand that it is super awkward to attend events solo. But if someone is blaming their floundering social life on you because you never want to go out with them, your needy radar should be going off. Either this person needs to expand their friendship circle or get over social anxiety and show up on their own.

4.) They attempt Jedi mind tricks.

“I can’t eat pizza. I’m on a diet. I am so fat now. Look at me. Don’t you think I’m fat now?” Stop it. I know what you’re trying to do. You are trying to feel okay with yourself by me telling you that you are indeed not fat. Needy people require everyone else’s approval and acceptance. If you are not willingly telling them all the time that they is smart, they is kind, and they is important, expect these stupid games. Expect them often.

5.) They try to make you jealous.

This really goes along with the Jedi mind trick thing, but I think it also deserves its own call out. If someone is constantly trying to show off or make you jealous, it is because they are in desperate need for attention. The less attention you pay to this person, the more jealous they are going to try and make you. Annoying, right? Most needy people are.

Now that you have identified yourself or others as being needy little buggers I encourage you to try your best to tell these people about themselves. And if it is you, now you know. Stop it. We despise you.





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