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The Daily Read: Is She Crazy in Love or Just Plain Crazy?

It’s all fun and games until the crazy b*tch gets her feelings hurt.

We’ve all seen the cases of the nutcase who somehow ends up in a relationship.  I really don’t understand how in the hell there are deserving girls sitting around waiting for bae to text them back, or even text them at all, but the craziest of the crazies happen to get “wifed” up left and right. It. Makes. No. Sense.  I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had to help a guy friend avoid getting his tires slashed because he decided to date the crazy girl. PSA for all the men out there: Be very careful who you get in a relationship with.  You know that saying: a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well, the same applies for your suitable girlfriends.  Just be careful. Here are a few signs that your beloved is not just crazy in love but actually flipping crazy!

1) You all haven’t been dating very long and she has already announced your “taken” relationship status to the world.

I don’t think there is much else to say. The good girls will understand the value of #StayLowAndBuild.

2) You can’t hang out with your friends without a huge argument over probably nothing.

If she is prone to initiating a silly argument every time you want to hang out with your friends, #redflag, she’s crazy! Those little arguments are only her way of trying to get you either to a.) throw up your hands and stay home to “fix things”; b.) take attention away from your friends; or c.) ruin any good time you were trying to have.  All are petty, petty, and more petty. Avoid even engaging in these arguments and just leave. We are too old to be constantly “working on” our relationships through childish arguments that have no basis besides a cry for attention.

Any girl you date needs to understand, respect and appreciate that you have a life outside of her. Unless you are involved in some really dangerous activity, alienating you from your friends is never a healthy solution.

3) She watches over your shoulder when you are on your phone

I know we have all seen the paparazzi photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z doing exactly what we have all been guilty of doing – looking over the spouse’s shoulder while they text. And yes, sometimes you are just being nosey. But at the end of the day, if your girlfriend cannot trust you and is always snooping, there is something wrong. I’m not saying you should be hiding things from her, however I do think there is such thing as a private conversations between friends that do not always involve the significant other.

Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting in the front row at the Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center

4) She doesn’t like any of your female friends — and I mean none of them

If she is so insecure, to the point of not approving of any of your female friends – she has a problem.  Unless something happened between you two in the past where the lines of friendship were significantly blurred and she is aware of this incident,  she should not have any reason to dislike your friends. If your friend is a complete b*tch, then that’s another issue, but it is completely irrational for your girlfriend to feel any type of way about your female friends, simply off the notion that they have the same female genitalia. Where is the logic?

5) You know she will forgive you regardless of sins committed

Now, I know forgiveness is very important in relationships because hell, no one is perfect! HOWEVER, there should definitely be some standards for determining how far is too far! If you can dog your girl out and blatantly disrespect her, knowing that you can just say sorry, make a few promises, and boom! she is right back in your arms as if nothing happened, then you are dating a very weak person. This type of girl needs to seek professional help. Everyone should have some sort of standard for respect and if she doesn’t she is bound to be a case of fatal attraction because evidently shorty has nothing to lose.


6) She is constantly pointing out other girls to test if you are looking

You all are at lunch and she points out a girls ass. You both know you saw it but weren’t going to say anything.  What do you do?** Say, “ZAAAMMMNN that ass too fat!”, or “What girl? I don’t see anyone here but you.” This whole game she is playing is just a test and a sure sign of insecurity because either way you lose: a.) you are admiring her ass and b.) you are lying about looking at her ass. Your relationship should not be composed of loyalty tests.  That’s just really childish.

**Now, I am a lover of a nice ass. If you have a nice ass and I am with my man I will definitely point it out and we will admire it together as obnoxiously as we please. But, my man will already know that I don’t mind him admiring another girl’s beauty as long as he is respectful and faithful to me.

7) She requests the password to your phone

All I’m going to say is: THERE. IS. NO. REASON. FOR. THIS.

8) She knows how to destroy your property and get away with it.

If she ever “jokes” about busting out your windows, or slashing only three tires because insurance pays for four … RUN! She is absolutely and undoubtedly crazy and adults do not solve their problems like that!

9) She gets defensive and comments on your Instagram photos when other girls comment or like.da9c9ebd12da99f910b1c4ba374159a6

This one has petty and insecure written all over it.  If I were some of you guys out there, I wouldn’t even have the patience for that silly behavior. BYE FELICIA!

10) If she poses as a crazy “cousin” trying to “expose” her cheating boyfriend

If your girlfriend ever gets mad because she suspects you of cheating, her first call to action should never be social media! Adults talk things out. We do not create fake pages, pose as a “protective cousin”, and try to “expose” the cheating boyfriend.  That is embarrassing for all parties involved. We are not, and never will be Gossip Girl so all that anonymous exposing we keep trying to do is just stupid. So with that I will say, #TeamCleverlyChloe.


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