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Smaxxie’s Corner Episode 10: “Valentnino”

“It’s Valentine’s Day! I ain’t buy this Popeye’s for nothin’!”

You watched his heartfelt request for a date with Smaxxie, and somehow, she still agreed. That’s right, Nino aka Dino aka your favorite “guy” has finally weasled his way into Smaxxie’s loving arms. Sorta.

Hey, they say the best way to the heart is through the stomach, right?

Watch the Valentine’s themed episode of Smaxxie’s Corner below and fall in love all over again.



2 Comments on Smaxxie’s Corner Episode 10: “Valentnino”

  1. I cried laughing! Such a great episode!

  2. I cant stop laughing! You’re a fool love it!

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