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Entertainment Roundup: New Beef Iggy Azalea vs Papa Johns?


Anyone will ask and I will say it, I’m not an Iggy fan but she is back in the spotlight again and it’s not for winning a Grammy. This is not Iggy’s week, not only did she leave the acclaimed award show, the Grammys empty handed, but popular pizza chain Papa Johns compromised her personal contact information on  National Pizza Day ironically. Yikes!   Like any other celebrity scandal, Iggy took to twitter to public blast the company for a breach of her privacy.


In the series of tweets you’ll see below, Iggy screenshots a text message she has received from a family member of get this…the delivery driver who brought her pizza. In her twitter rant she says she received many calls and texts like the one she screenshots. She also goes as far to throw some legal jargon, threatening to sue over what she calls a data breach. After a few of Iggy’s tweets, the food chain finally replies in a nonchalant manner referencing some language from her popular song, Black Widow, which Iggy did not find entertaining. After the reply she continued her rant blasting the food chain for making light of a very serious situation. Take a look at the tweets below!

iggy-azaela-tweets               Screen-shot-2015-02-11-at-11.28.30-AM

Will she order from them again in the future, probably not! Normally I don’t side with Aussie rapper, but I can relate as I would be upset if my phone number got released to the public without my permission. Papa Johns is lucky all they got was a threat for a lawsuit, and not a real one, because that would not be pretty. Considering they were going to be sued by a pop star, Papa Johns went about it very light heartedly.


With that being said all is well as Papa Johns slid in Iggy’s direct messages resolve the matter, coming out unscathed and lawsuit-less. Maybe she can be their celebrity spokesperson! Either way Iggy will think twice before ordering her pizza, seems as if everyone is trying to get to her including your local delivery drivers sister, be on the look out!


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