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The Daily Read: In Defense of Kanye (and Beck!)

“They need to stop playing with us,” – Kanye West aka Mr. West aka Yeezus aka The Definitive Voice of Unreasonable Reason

You have all been waiting for this moment: another event where Kanye pulls a Kanye. The 2015 Grammy Awards proved to be full of surprises, none more attention worthy than alternative-rocker Beck’s win over the Mother of the Universe Beyonce for the coveted Album of the Year Award. The Beyhive was a-buzz with anger, but no one was more angry than Mr. West. Check out the video below:

Ok, Kanye, I get what you’re trying to say. I actually agree with 85% of it. So let me explain why I am coming to Mr West’s defense:

1. The Grammy’s totally hyped up Beyonce’s performance from the jump.

So maybe Beyonce’s performance was completely separate from her album, but that doesn’t mean that the Academy did not use Beyonce’s star power to their advantage. So when Kanye says “They need to stop playing with us,” he has a point. The producers knew what they were doing by putting Beyonce’s performance last (Hello, ratings!). Kanye was merely stating that The Grammy’s use artists for ratings but do not give the accolades where they are due (I have more thoughts on this later).

2. The categories that Kanye would typically be nominated for are rarely televised.

While this is only partially connected to the “robbery” of Beyonce, I have no doubt that part of Kanye’s rant stems from the Academy choosing to air only “popular” music categories during the televised portion of the awards. Again, the awards choose to air the select few artists from genres like Hip Hop and R&B that they deem are mainstream enough to get ratings, but keep the rest of the artists, and in this case the “real artists” that Kanye is referring to, behind an un-televised curtain. I 100% agree with you here, Kanye. Stop showing ten thousand unnecessary duets and show more awards from ALL the genre categories.

3. Beyonce was a good album.

It was very good, in my opinion. It was a commercial and critical success, so of course Kanye is going to feel passionate about it. The Carters are pretty much Ye’s family, so when he feels strongly about their art, you’re going to hear him say it. And of course the album really did deserve the nomination.

So, Kanye is right in a lot of what he has to say: The Grammy’s are essentially just one commercial event where ratings outshine the wide array of artistry that should be displayed across all genres. Yes, Kanye, I agree.

However, let’s get to where Kanye loses my agreement:  Beck is also an artist. Beck did not decide he himself was going to be the winner of Album of the Year, the Academy did. Beck was the main producer on his album, and plays so many damn instruments I am not even going to count them. Yet, he should give his award to Beyonce, because her album was more successful? Ye, you are contradicting yourself. If you are saying that The Grammy’s are one big commercial ploy, wouldn’t you be happy that an artist who put out an album without huge commercial success, which was pure, unadulterated artistry, won the most coveted prize? You had so many good points in your rant, Kanye, but it was pointed at the wrong person in the end.

TMZ later caught up with Kanye and asked for clarification on whether he thought Beck was a real artist. He insisted that he was talking solely to The Grammy’s. Ok, Ye.

And by the way, X by Ed Sheeran should have won, if you want my opinion. But, alas, I am just a mere mortal. #kanyeshrug

Image via Mashable


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