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Entertainment Roundup: Nicki + Meek Mill = Dating?

Nicki Minaj is at the top of her game right now. Fresh off of a new album, she’s the new face of the Spring/Summer 2015 Roberto Cavalli campaign, and is featured on covers in top magazines. Everything seems to be going well in every department except… her love life. After a nasty breakup with longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels, it seems she’s moved on quickly igniting rumors that she is indeed dating MMG rapper, Meek Mill. This past week Nicki Minaj graced the gram with not one, but two pics of her and Meek.  A few weeks ago Nicki and Meek were photographed in what looked like a date night with Rick Ross and his lady love, Ming Lee. This picture began to spark the rumors that two were a couple. Around the same time, a caption led her fans to believe they were on the set of a video.  Meek Mill is also featured on “Favorite,” and “Big Daddy” which both appear on Nicki Minaj’s latest album The Pink Print.

Now by the looks of these pictures they look very cozy and comfortable, despite the fact that nothing has been publicly said about the two. I will say this: pictures say a thousand words. More interestingly, during the time she was with Safaree she never really showed any PDA let alone any pictures of the two of them. The real question now becomes: was this a cry for attention, or a ploy to make Safaree jealous? Additionally, is this the confirmation to the question that has the hip hop world wondering about the two? No matter what the case may be,  she’s got everyone’s attention. More importantly, it looks like there is a new celebrity couple in town. Take a look at the pics below!

                    10949016_1530109217251673_1067366364_n                    10950449_568671259937081_1509447812_n


(Pictures courtesy of Nicki Minaj’s Webstagram/Instagram)


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