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Entertainment Roundup: New Beef 50 Cent vs A$AP Rocky

Twitter and Instagram is new battlefield where most if not all celebrity beefs take place. This past week rappers A$AP Rocky and 50 Cent made headlines after ASAP got caught hopping in Tatted Up Holly’s direct messages. If you are not familiar with the bottle girl, turned video vixen, turned “accidental” porn star, she is the former flame of 50 Cent. Just a few days before this feud began, 50 Cent took to Instagram to bash his old flame for supposedly having affairs with a laundry list of celebs which include Meek Mill, Jay-Z, J.R. Smith and Trey Songz.  Insert ASAP Rocky, after sending a direct message to Tatted Up Holly seen below, 50 Cent wasn’t too keen on that taking to Instagram to blast Rocky.


(Picture courtesy of Hip Hop Early


50 Cent is known for heckling, instigating, and attacking fellow celebs via social media, but Pretty Boy Flacko and Holly were not having it. A$AP took to twitter to let his thoughts be known, while Holly went to Instagram. Lord Flacco kept it classy calling 50 “a Jealous Sugar Daddy”, adding that beautiful women inspire him.

Holly was not so kind in her words, citing domestic abuse accusations in her post which features a screen shot of text messages between her and 50.


(Taken from Instagram of tattedupholly)

As fast as 50’s post about Holly was put up, it was deleted shortly after, with a replacement apologizing to his ex for his comments and accusations. Once again, 50 Cent needs to find a seat and go find another project to fill his time because he spends too much of it on social media in other people’s business. More importantly bashing your exes on twitter or Instagram is never cool, so you lose cool points for that 50. Next time before you go through the trouble to make post to bash her, take it down, and add ANOTHER post apologize to her, maybe just do a quick woosahhh. I don’t know if 50 Cent needs anger management, for someone to take his phone away, or another hobby, but I know this: he won’t be sending for Rocky again as Rocky had the last word in this antagonizing Instagram seen below. Maybe this a lesson learned for 50 Cent but I highly doubt he’ll stop his internet trolling way anytime soon. As more details from this feud hit a timeline near you, I’ll keep you updated as this beef unfolds.



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