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The Daily Read: 7 Types of Guys to Avoid for Valentine’s Day

Every year we all try to pretend that Valentine’s Day is not that big of a deal and act like we could care less about chocolates, roses, and all the other lovey-dovey crap on display.  While the reasoning for this fake V-day hatred may be deeply rooted in a past of betrayal and broken hearts, by the time February 14 rolls around, we are all reminded of either how single we are, how in love we may be, or how much we long to be loved.

Let’s face it, human beings crave adoration! We would all be lying to ourselves if we denied fantasizing about romantic gestures from that special someone – even if he doesn’t know he is that special someone yet. The “bae-less” and “forever alone” jokes are hilarious, but we can’t actually believe the life of a spinster is all that great…

Ladies, I know it’s hard to believe with all of the judgement from #BlackTwitter, but it is okay to be excited about a date on Valentine’s Day! You deserve to have a good time and treated like a queen! However, just because someone asks you out for the big V-day doesn’t mean you should automatically say yes – no matter how much you’re longing for one. This is where this list of guys to avoid when approached for Cupid day (and let’s face it, every time you’re asked out) comes in handy. Be aware ladies, there ARE  indeed men out there like this – trust me.  Here’s a quick summary of what you might expect:

1) The recently single guy

This is the guy who has recently broken up with his former lover and is still dealing with the heartbreak. No matter how “over it,” or even “detached” he might say he is from his ex, he is still experiencing the hurt of a break up. This means he may really only be in search for someone he can use as a pawn in his game of retaliation. Translation: He is only trying to prove to his ex that he can move on faster than her. He is not really focused on making your day special because he still has his ex on his mind.  This guy needs time to himself to rebuild his self esteem!

2) The guy who is only looking for a trophy

Similar to the guy who only has his ex on his mind, this guy only has his friends on his mind. This egotistical prick does not give a damn about how you feel, what you think, or anything about you outside of the fact that he knows you look good on his arm.  His attraction is extremely surface level and the odds of him wanting to develop any further connection are very slim.

3) The guy dog who is only looking for a quick hook-up

Taking advantage of girls who are looking for love is his special skill. Unless you want to be another notch on his belt of bodies, I would pass on this one.

4) The guy who promises too much

He promises to give you damn-near the world for just one day. This is a sign of a guy who sells nothing but hopes and dreams. Not a sign of a guy who actually follows through. You are bound to experience a ton of disappointment with this character.

5) The guy you had to guilt into asking you out

You basically had to beg him to hang out with you, which should have been a serious red flag. Just hard pass this one.  You should not be that desperate nor should you have to chase anyone for a date.  It is never that serious!

6) The guy who doesn’t understand the concept of a date

A date: it does not mean a gourmet meal at McDonald’s; and it does not mean spending half of your paycheck.  Date the guy who will let you enjoy your time within your means. You should not feel like you will have to roll up yourselves to help wash the dishes because neither of you can afford dinner, nor should you feel he did not take the time to at least attempt to impress you. It should be comfortable and fun where you are able to get to connect with each other on a different level – nothing more, nothing less.

You also shouldn’t date the guy who feels that every date automatically leads to a night cap or even deeper, a relationship.  Going on a date is basically a trial run for future “kick-it” sessions. It does not always lead to sex and relationships. Make sure he understands that. If not, hard pass.

7) The guy who has multiple dates for the day

This guy is only around to see who will give him some “extra attention” once the night is over. Pay attention to this player because you are only in a part of his twisted game.


After reading this, I hope you all don’t think I am a male-hating feminist; however, I think your time is very valuable and I would hate for it to be wasted on the characters previously mentioned. Just pay attention to the red flags and you should be on your way to choosing a wonderful date for your Valentine’s Day.

Until next time folks!


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