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News: Beauty Pageant Runner-Up Rips Crown Off Queen’s Head

Pettiness doesn’t end when you’re a Beauty Queen, at all.

You would think that beauty pageant contestants would be gracious and poised even in the face of defeat, right?  One Brazilian pageant runner-up was not pleased with the fact that she did not win and literally came to snatch your fave’s crown.

Right after judges announced that Carolina Toledo was  Miss Amazon 2015, runner-up, Sheislane Hayalla lost it.  Hayalla went to congradulate Toledo then decided she had had enough.  She yanked the crown off Toledo’s head and threw it to the ground, pointed a finger at her, and then ran off stage.

This is probably up there on the list of best “bitch you thought” interruptions of all time, right under the Kanye and Taylor Swiff moment of course.  Watch the footage below.


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