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Entertainment Roundup: Chris Brown Delays Tour Due to Revoked Probation…

I told you I’d be back with the dish on Chris Brown.


The bad boy of R&B is back in the news this week! Due to his recent revocation of his probation, he has to delay his upcoming “Between The Sheets” tour. With 100 hours left to complete of the 1000 hours community service he was originally assigned, fans are anxiously awaiting the day that Mr. Breezy himself can hit the stage again.

If you haven’y been keeping up, Brown  recently violated said probation while performing without getting the proper authorization. While most fans are understanding, others were not so happy, taking to social media to vent their frustrations. Brown released an apology via Instagram this week to his fans and clapped back at his fans, calling them ungrateful as well as a few other expletives, after one Instagram heckler took it too far.


(Pic from

Brown has until March 20th to complete his hours. At this time he will appear in court again where the Judge overseeing the case will check in probation officials. I hope after this bout of legal woes Chris Brown puts all of this behind him and gets it together! We’ll keep you updated as the story continues to unfold. In the meantime, people please don’t provoke Chris – he claps back!


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