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HeartBreak Hotel: Why Do Men Cheat?

This is the question that befuddles most women who are charged with dealing with an unfaithful partner. Why do men cheat? Business Insider cleverly complied an interesting video which attempts to put some uneasy minds to rest –  as well as answer your pressing questions about why men do the things they do. Psychotherapist and author, M. Gary Neuman, who is featured in the video, conducted an extensive survey of men who admitted they had been unfaithful. While the video tells us somethings we know already, you’d be surprised to find out that lust is not the main reason for all of the deceptive behavior. For your reading pleasure, I’ve highlighted some the more interesting findings from the video below:

Get this! 48% of men cheated because of emotional dissatisfaction! If men don’t get enough praise, or adoration, they will find it elsewhere…

Where is elsewhere you ask ladies…At Work!


40% of men met the other woman at the workplace. Women in the workplace are more likely to praise his accomplishments, look up to them and give them praise!

Although looks are important…

88% of said the men said the women they cheated with were less physically attractive than their partner! Talk about a downgrade!


Lastly Ladies…Watch his friends!

77% of men who cheated had a close friend who have been unfaithful! When they see someone else do it they can justify it and they feel better about doing it!


Don’t Fret…at least know they feel like crap…

68% of cheating men felt guilty about cheating.


As you’ve just read, there’s a lot more that goes into cheating than one could think. Dr. Neuman highlighted and shared some great facts as to why men do the things they do. I hope this article gives some perspective on cheating and the behavior that accompanies it. If you feel like your partner is cheating, maybe go back and evaluate how and where the cracks are in your relationship – now that you’ve got some new insight. Why do you think men cheat? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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