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The Daily Read: You Ain’t Gotta Lie, Craig!

I think it is safe to say that we all know that one person who lies about just about anything!

Whether or not it is a big deal, you know that the one thing you can count on them for is creating a fabrication of the truth.  A lot of these people have so many lies in their portfolio, they actually believe them to be true.  I think that may be the only way for them to keep their stories straight.

I don’t really understand these type of people.  I mean, half of the time, we don’t even ask for your feedback, but you find a way to get us listening to this compelling tale about your fake ass life?! What exactly do you get out of this? Does it make you feel better knowing that people are “believing” all the bullsh*t you feed? Are you living vicariously through your altar ego who is supposed to be you? Someone please help me because I just cannot comprehend.

The life of a “Decep-ti-con” just seems very stressful to me.  First of all, my memory is good but it is not perfect.  I lack confidence in the fact that I would be able to keep all my lies straight – especially if I wasn’t living any ounce of a life close to what I was telling people.  I would live in constant fear that a haphazard fact-checker would ask me something about a previous tale I told way back, and would only leave me clueless and ashamed due to my inability to correctly respond. All of this because I forgot the original story.


Secondly, at some point in time all of my stories and karma would get the best of me. I don’t even want to imagine the state of depression I would experience after I realized my real life is so far from what I’ve been telling folks and I really don’t amount to sh*t.  That moment of self reflection would lead to a whole lot of anguish because I spent too much time lying about a lavish life rather than making the necessary power moves to get there.  So. Not. Worth. It.

Lastly, having to live up to the lie is exhausting.  It takes so much more energy and creativity to maintain the production of a lie, rather than simply telling the truth and living your own damn life! There is so much pressure to be this great figment of you when you really could just enjoy being who you actually are.

Before I wrap this up, let me just briefly step down from my “Mother Hen” pedestal and put this in layman’s terms:  For those of you who create these random and elaborate tales of your life and think you are “pulling one over” on us, CUT THE SH*T! YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE! WE SEE THROUGH YOU! HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!  You are only making a mockery of your real accomplishments and making it extremely difficult for anyone to believe a single word that comes out of your mouth/feel happy for you when you do achieve greatness. There is absolutely no need to boast and brag with lies of your incredible feats, as if the Internet does not exist. Free WiFi is a beautiful thing – do not think for a second we will not contact our friends at Google for the real information. And in case you’ve forgotten the age old saying, here’s a reminder: “Men lie, women lie, screenshots don’t.” With the way black Twitter works, we love a good fraud exposure and a lot of you all are fixin’ to be outted! I would advise that you play nice and simmer all that lying down, because I would hate to see some of you all go down with your bullsh*t. Tis all.


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