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SAY WHAT?! Naya Rivera Teaches Us True Bathroom Etiquette NOT!

SAY WHAT?! Naya Rivera Teaches Us True Bathroom Etiquette NOT!

Earlier this week on Tuesday,  “Glee” cast member and ex girlfriend of Big Sean, Naya Rivera made headlines after making an off color joke about personal hygiene preferences. During a visit to the popular day time talk show, The view, Rivera told the audience and hosts her thoughts on the matter, ” I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics…showering more than once a day, or everyday, is a white people thing…”.


What can be said is now we may have found the true reason why Big Sean ended things! After making her initial comments, Naya proceeded to confirm that she showers about every three days, that she is “hitting the mark”. Well, I don’t know what mark she was aiming for, but she missed…terribly. If she were aiming to offend “ethics” and expose her nasty bathroom habits then, claps for Naya well done boo! FYI showering every three days  is not something to brag about on national television.


While the hosts quickly made light of the comments, the rest of the world was not so quick to laugh. Some of Rivera’s 1.72 million followers took to twitter to maker their sentiments known, most were not friendly .

“I don’t know which “ethnics” you know, but I shower daily, ma’am. Speak for yourself Via Twitter @MormonBeKnowing

“Dear Naya Rivera, If you choose to shower every 3 days like there’s a drought, that’s on you, not us. Sincerely People of Color” Via Twitter @Thisl

After receiving all the backlash for her comments, Rivera returned as a guest host on The View the next day apologize for her comments, saying she did not mean to offend anyone. I have to say I don’t know whether be offended or plug my nose, but one thing I know is that I will be sticking to my one shower a day regimen, thank you very much. I know Big Sean is somewhere laughing at all of this saying that’s why #IDFWU! Remember ladies and gents a shower a day keeps the funk away!



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