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HeartBreak Hotel: Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree breaks his 10 year silence

HeartBreak Hotel: Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree breaks his 10 year silence 

After more than a decade of keeping their relationship under wraps, Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels break up has put them in the spotlight. With rumors of infidelity swirling, tattoo’s being covered and tweets firing shots on both sides, Samuels broke his ten year silence on Power 105.1’s  hit radio show, The Breakfast Club. Most people know Samuels as Nicki’s hype man,  during this interview he gave us a glimpse of who Safaree really is and who he was to Nicki Minaj.

One thing we can say is that there is no doubt that what Safaree and Nicki had was real.  Throughout the iterview Safaree maintained a calm demeanor and kept things 100 as I would  say. He revealed that the relationship turned sour when he began to feel like an employee rather than her man, he also cites that the industry came between them to the point where it affected even the littlest things like PDA. When it came to love, Samuels said they were soul mates. When it came to business, Samuels told the Breakfast Club hosts, that all decisions that were made, were made together, moreover that he was a huge part of Nicki’s studio work from executive producing to being a part of the writing process.

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When asked about Nicki’s public behavior with people like Wayne (she was seen kissing him on the lips) and Drake (need I say more?), Safaree stated that of course some things didn’t need to be done, but he became numb to it.

If you remember a few weeks back when the breakup first happened, both Nicki and Safaree took to twitter to let their sentiments be known, while Samuels took the high road Nicki took the other route. In her tweets she called Samuels corny and also said he had no talent. This out of everything that happened seem the sit the most with Safaree, he stated multiple times throughout the interveiw he would never drag her down or publicly shame her like that ever.


All in all I can say after watching the interview, Samuels definitely seems like a kind, humble person and by the looks of it….He treated her better than he got in return and I can NEVER be upset at anyone leaving a relationship for that reason. We’ll keep this story on ice as it plays out, I’m sure this is not the last we are going to hear of these two, especially since Safaree was seen out on a date “good friend” of his in the past few weeks…

Check out the interview below!


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