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News: Principal Demoted Over Misspelled School Sign

“How can we expect our children to learn how to spell when the administration can’t??” – Corey L. Teague.


via Facebook

via Facebook


Principal Antoinette Young was reassigned to a vice principal position at another school after parents discovered a misspelled sign outside of Public School 20 in Patterson, New Jersey.  Apparently the sign had been outside the side entrance unnoticed for more than a week.

December was misspelled as “Dicember” and reports was spelled incorrectly as “reepor.” The number ‘1’ was also placed backwards on the sign, CBS New York reports.

Corey L. Teague, a school board member posted photos on social media.   According to, Teague states in an email, “If this is how the administration takes care of signage how can we expect the students to do better? We must be held to a higher standard,”.

Officials say a custodian was responsible for putting up the sign in the entrance that is rarely used by staff.  After Teague’s photos went viral, officials reassigned Young to a vice principle of another school.  Boris Simon, the current vice principal, will serve as principal in the meantime.

Officals aren’t sure if the sign was the main reason to get Young out of PS 20. According to the NY Daily News, Young was with the school for less than two years and was under a “Corrective Action Plan” designed to address shortcomings in her performance.

Really what we can learn from this is that, you don’t need to know how to spell to be a custodian, just incase you need a Plan B in your life.

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