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Fashion: 13 Trends That Need to to Stay in 2014

It has been a while since we’ve shared any fashion pieces…

As we round out the year, we should go into the new year trying to be better, wiser people – this includes making better fashion choices.  Although we are a full decade passed, 2014 appeared to be an ode to the 90’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the 90’s…life was good; however, somethings should have stayed in the 90’s – where we left them. Some of these trends had zero business creeping their way into the early 2000’s, let alone 2014! So in 2015, let’s vow to do better and leave some of the trends exactly where they belong — in our minds and not on our bodies.

1) Platform shoes (“Flatforms”)

Who in the hell authorized these?


2) Dresses with side cut-outs

All for geometric inspired pieces but the side cut outs are dead. Please return to your nearest IG boutique.


3) Hi-low skirts

Should have been gone a long time ago but I saw some this summer and wanted to die.


4) Crop tops with everything

All crop tops are not created equally.

5) Block heels.

I’m sorry, but these take me back to the 70’s. No thank you.


6) Jeans with nothing but holes

It looks a little too distressed.


7) Mesh everything

Everything does not have to be mesh!


8) Leather everything in the summer

Y’all know you were hot as hell in all leather during the summer.

9) Half thot helmet, half down

Where did this even come from? Give. It. Up.


10) Plaid flannel wrapped around the waist

Slightly over done this year. We get it.

11) Denim skirts

Why does she still own her Abercrombie demin skirt from middle school?


12) Anything made of clear plastic


13) Bucket hats

Unpopular opinion but I’m just not a fan.


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