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PREMIERE: Watch Episode 4 of “Cracked” Featuring DJ Dave Dolla [VIDEO]

Up and coming videographer Julius Stukes is BACK with another episode of the ground breaking documentary-series, “Cracked”. 

On the latest installment, the audience is treated to a fireside chat with trendsetting disc jockey, Dave Dolla, of New York juggernaut Word Is Bond Music. The video features a short synopsis of the producers steps, chronicling how the now highly coveted rhyme series “BarXzam” (made popular by fan favorite Brooklyn rapper, Wordsmiff) made it to the helm of the New York underground music scene.

“I needed a brand, you know, I needed something that nobody else was doing”, said Dolla. “I wanted to bring back rapping. Not have to worry about song concept, nothing. Just raw rap.”

This is the 4th installment of the “Cracked” series, which have featured underground heavy weights, Wordsmiff, Jae Tips, and Tray Pizzy in the past. Check out the impressive episode of the hit web series below and be sure to like, subscribe and comment! And stream and download Wordsmiff’s and our former Artist of the Month, Frank Ramz’s, BarXzam now!

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1 Comment on PREMIERE: Watch Episode 4 of “Cracked” Featuring DJ Dave Dolla [VIDEO]

  1. My son ( Dave Dolla doing his damn thing on the ones and two’s. Lil Silver D it in the BLood Mother

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