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News: Deer Breaks into Home and Destroys Bathroom



image via NY Daily News


Residents of a Galloway, New Jersey home were met with a rude intruder Saturday.  A deer burst through their front door, darted throughout the residence, and tore apart their master bathroom.

Police recived a call around 3:30p.m. from a woman who said a deer ran through her home while she was putting a sweet potatoes in the oven.  The woman followed the deer to the back of the house and locked it in the bathroom.  The deer didn’t like that too much because he completly destroyed the bathroom.

When police arrived at the home, they found glass from the front door shattered and the door frame damaged indicating that the deer forced it’s way into the house.

After putting up a small fight, police was able to get the deer out the house and released it back into the wild.

Bambi is out there wanting revenge.  Make sure you lock those doors.

image via NY Daily News

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