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Mariah Carey’s Isolated Unedited Vocals


So, Mariah Carey performed at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting in New York City on Wednesday.  If you have been keeping up with Ms. Carey’s recent performances you would have noticed she hasn’t been singing live and when she does well, let’s just say we’ve heard a lot better from the songstress in the past.

Now, I’m no expert on vocal ability but I do know that if you cannot perform a song due to lack of vocal ability, lip sing.  Apparently Mariah Carey was supposed to prerecord her performance but she had to meet with divorce lawyers and missed her call time.  I’m not sure why NBC didn’t just play her original track and have Mariah lip sing over it, but once again, I know nothing.

Mariah darling, we really do love you, and your fans appreciate you, BUT, we think it’s time that you hang it up and just bow out gracefully.  Don’t let us remember this 2014 voice over your angelic 1994 voice.

Check out the video below of her performance.  I’m so sad it had to be Mariah.


image via NY Daily News

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