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The Daily Read: To My Unborn Son (via Yale’s Black Men’s Union)

So. As of today, there are now two extremely public cases of the injustice system within America in which killers are protected for the simple fact that they are in uniform white.  At this point, justice does not exist within America. We can’t even rely on the pictures and recordings that were supposed to hold everyone “accountable” for their actions! So, before my blood pressure raises any further, I would like to say this:

Rest in Peace Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and the countless others who we have lost to inhuman and unjustified violence. As discouraging as it feels at times, the fight for justice continues.  You did not die in vain. You will be forever remembered.

In response to the recent racially charged events that took place around America this year, Yale University’s Black Men’s Union made one of the most profound statements I’ve seen thus far.  It is truly amazing to see educated young black men ensure their voices are heard within the noise of the American “justice” system labeling them “degenerates,” “misfits,” and “thugs.”

The BMU first wrote an open letter to the parents of Michael Brown, sending condolences and acknowledging that the pain they feel is something no one can prepare for. Commendable. But then the Union took it a step further and wrote their own messages to their unborn sons.  This photo campaign is not only brilliant, but its depicts the true messages we should be reading about what it means to be black in America – especially a black man.  This powerful movement should be witnessed and shared across the globe.  All I ask is that you all simply take a few minutes to take a look at a some of the messages from these young men.  More images may be viewed on the “To My Unborn Son” tumblr page. I commend these young men for their actions and ask that they continue to break the mold and spread the good faith so that this can become a movement that is larger than the Yale University campus.













tumblr_ng0fur8L5v1u4f7bto10_1280See more photos.

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