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The Daily Read: What’s Your Body Count?

In case you were not aware: Humans have sex. 

As gross as the image may be – your parents have sex, your grandparents had sex, and your children will have sex. It’s a part of human life.  Get over it.

Today, during my daily scroll through my chill free Twitter timeline, I could not ignore the discussion of a certain celebrity’s “official body count” – a number that I have yet to find in an official article.  According to Black Twitter, Love & Hip Hop’s star Erica Mena admitted to sleeping with over 300 people.  Now, from what we saw of Mena on the reality show, we all know she is not the first person we would chose as a role model for how to carry oneself in public. However, she may be a nympho! If this rumor is accurate, what makes her deserving of the public scrutiny? I mean I’ve seen how some of you all acted in college and let’s just say you all know your way around the human body… No shade. Ultimately, Bow Wow has been able to look passed to number of partners and he is the one who is marrying her! Mena’s loose lady parts are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

When it comes to body counts, why must we be so wrapped up in the numbers? I mean really people, the slut shaming has got to stop!  Now, I’m not saying it’s cool nor safe to go out there and give-it-up to anybody who bats an eye at you.  However it is about time we realized that not everyone is going to be the 2014 Virgin Mary. Some people happen to be more sexually driven than others.  And guess who’s business that is… theirs! And theirs alone.

I mean really, who are we to create any type of standards for how others should live their lives.  It has nothing to do with us! If they want to experiment – let them. If they want to remain virginal – let them. Either way, their life choices should not come equipped with our judgements.  The amount of sexual partners someone has really has zero correlation to her character.

And let’s talk about these contradictions.  It’s completely fine for guys to be the explorative man-whore and screw anything with a hole – all because they are “getting it out of their system.” But when it comes to their female counterparts, if a girl has anything close to double digits she is automatically labeled a slut. I don’t get it. Have we ever considered the fact that some of you simpletons are sleeze-balls who initiate a courtship with a girl just to get in her pants?! So maybe, just maybe, she had every intention of one of her bodies to actually last! Yes, she should be aware that not every relationship will last forever, hence there should be some type of standards for who she has sex with. However, her lack of good judgement by-no-means makes her deserving of disrespect for the simple fact that her list of partners extends further than your di…nevermind.

Since when was a one-night-stand the end of the world? As long as you are safe and provide appropriate consent there is absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping with someone you may never see again.  Again, it is not for everyone, but who the hell is anyone to judge? The double standards that make it acceptable for men to participate in a one-night-stand as opposed to women is just silly.

Don’t get me wrong; women should respect their bodies if they expect respect from anyone else.  Also, please do not misunderstand this post as any type of promotion to roam around collecting as many bodies as possible.  That should never be the goal. However, we must realize there is also room to explore our sexuality and respect our desires, as “whorish” as they may be. So, judge if you wish. Just know that at the end of the day, we gon’ get ours!


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1 Comment on The Daily Read: What’s Your Body Count?

  1. Loved this and its true. One could even say that if your number is too low you may not be enjoying life as much as you could be! I never gave a damn about any womans numbers especially as mens tends to be so high. If a womans is high too hell i might even high five her, do you girl so long as its not my man, its not my business. Keep up the posts! X

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