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News: Woman Kills and Cooks Her Neighbor

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via The NY Daily News

via The NY Daily News

A Florida woman admitted that she killed her neighbor, cut him up, boiled and baked his body to get rid of the evidence.

Angela Stoldt confessed to murdering 36 year old James Sheaffer in April 2013.  The 42 year old mom was arrested shortly after the killing, however, her charges were upgraded last week from second degree to first degree murder when a grand jury heard her confession.

Stoldt thought by cooking Sheaffer she would get rid of the evidence.  When this method failed she tossed his remains in a dumpster, she confessed to deputies.  She even had her son to help by telling her son she was throwing out a deer.  Because apparently that’s normal.

The NY Daily News,

“Thursday is when I was cooking him,” Stoldt told investigators. “Friday is when I was dumping him.”

She claimed she killed the limo driver because he ruined her life, although investigators would not detail their relationship.

“I’m sorry, but I put Jimmie where he belonged, in my opinion at the time,” she told deputies, according to the documents.

Prosecuters recount everything that led up to the killing of Sheaffer.  On April 3rd 2013 both parties met at Stoldt house to discuss finances.  They shared bank accounts, investigators don’t understand why, but it was known that Sheaffer often overdrew funds.

This is where the story turns for the worst.  The NY Daily News Reports,

While at the house, she mixed him a cocktail of vodka and prescription muscle relaxers to make him sleepy and confused, she said.

Then, she drove him to a nearby cemetery where they kept arguing about money. When he asked for a $4,000 loan from Stoldt’s dad, he became aggressive and threatened to kill her if she didn’t cough up the funds, she said.

“He starts coming at me and … he didn’t even really hit me, but he scared … me and I just snapped,” she said.
“He came at me and I stabbed him.”

Out of self defense, Stoldt took and ice pick, stabbed him in the eye, and strangled him with a rope.  Stoldt then drove him back to her home where she hacked his limbs and put the parts in two kiddie pools in her garage.  She put the leg in the oven and other limbs into pots on the stove.

Although her daughter complained of a horrible smell of burning skin, Stoldt assured her daughter it was just a rail burning in the oven.  The charred and burned remains still looked like evidence.  This is when she put the remains in a plastic bag and discarded them in the dumpster.  Stoldt tried to get rid of more evidence by throwing out the pots and pans she used to cook Steaffer and she burning his cellphone.  Three weeks later, Stoldt confessed to her family what she had done, her sister turned her in to authorities.

The people of Florida once again prove there is something wrong going on in that water.  Our only suggestion is to always stay on your associates good side, you never know what they are capable of doing to you.


image via The NY Daily News

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