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The Daily Read: Yeah, We’re Done With the Nudes

Boy I just met: “Whatcha doing?”

Me: “Oh nothing…just got out the shower.”

Boy: “Send me a picture?” *emoji eyes*

Me: kelly-1-ew

Females living in the digital age have it rough. From dealing with men who whole heartedly believe in the twitter guidelines of dating to constantly having to ignore the desire to live up to the surgically altered pretty girls and photoshopped pictures of perfect women floating around the internet, it can be tiring to be single in this odd world of dating. As a purveyor of this generations wins and losses, I can say with great confidence that nothing annoys a (mature) woman that you are trying to court more than the above conversation.

And it’s not because we’re boring or prudish either. Most women in 2014 are open to exploring different avenues of sexual advances and most have engaged in several types of acts that were once considered suggestive, without the bat of an eyelash. And with the rise in technology, a woman has all of the means at her thumbs to send some amazingly edited snapshots of her lady parts to the man that she’s interested in. However, it is quite unsettling what has become of the nude photo in the last few years and it’s time for the inevitable to be said.

Stop asking me to send you nude or suggestive pictures, you weirdo. You’re not getting them.

Especially if I just gave you my number just a few short hours beforehand. Asking me for pictures isn’t going to get you laid, it’s going to get you ignored. It’s quite incredulous the amount of nude photo requests I receive weekly, from my direct messages to my text messages, all of which are met with a swift “HELL NO”. Me sending you pictures of my good girl just to appease the thought of what I might be like in bed is never going to happen.

The reason that asking for a nude photograph from someone you just met or anyone that you don’t know all that well isn’t welcomed anymore is because not only is it creepy, it’s invasive.Women have been notoriously violated in recent memory for sending nude photographs to a man they once believed had their best interest at heart. Most people these days are not to be trusted, and with almost everything winding up on the internet these days, it’s difficult to discern who is a good or bad person. The amount of nudes that wind up on my newsfeed on a daily basis is enough reason for me to never send one again, and should serve as an indicator as to you as to why I won’t.

The lack of discretion is a growing injustice and is an unfortunate reality that a lot of us have to endure. The sense of entitlement that comes with the information age, as many think they have the right to spread and view your most intimate moments, is one that needs to be broken down immediately. Asking me for a nude picture, two days after you met is the fastest way for me to delete your number and/or block you. You and I don’t know each other well enough for me to do such a thing, and even if we have had sex before, we’re not in a relationship and most likely not heading that way. It’s not happening.


To walk around demanding that a woman send you nudes in order for you to have even the slightest bit of interest is not only creepy, it’s elitist. Ladies, it’s time to take a stand and let these fools no that you’re not just going send pictures of yourself over to him. If they are pressuring you to send a picture of yourself, or you’re in fear of losing them because “everyone else is doing it”, you’re sorely mistaken. Don’t wind up being the punchline of a twitter roast, and stop sending random folks pictures of your who-hah. A security breach is the last thing that you need.

Today’s read comes from the good folks over at College Humor and is dedicated to all of the people that think it’s okay to say these things to person that he or she has just started to get to know. Because those conversations need to be stopped immediately.

If she says no to sending nudes, the answer is no. Let it go. If you want to see her boobs and then some, work on being a gentleman and she just might surprise you.

Check out the exceptionally accurate video for a proper reading on why you should stop asking girls for nudes. And for even more commentary on said topic, check out this article on Upworthy.


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3 Comments on The Daily Read: Yeah, We’re Done With the Nudes

  1. Rather than replying that you just got out of the shower reply that you just took a huge dump.

    • LMFAO!! I’ll let you know how that goes.

      • Ha. Seriously we heterosexual males love the female body in all forms, it doesn’t mean we feel entitled to your body or are objectifying you, its just a way of flirting/testing to see where were at. Most well adjusted guys dont expect to get pics its just a rather lame compliment in that we think youre attractive.

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