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News: Husband In the Middle of A Divorce Sends Wife’s Car into Delaware River

Hell hath no fury on a [MAN] scorned.


image via ABC

A man who clearly is going through a very messy divorce has sent his wife’s Corvette into the Delaware River triggering a search for a possible victim inside.

Monday, officers were called about a car floating in the Delaware River.  Witnesses claim they saw a man drive the car to the river, hop out, and let it drive into the water.

“I guess he was angry with her and drove her vehicle into the Delaware River,” Investigator Scott Small said.  Marine units found the 1990 Corvette in about 30 feet of water.  No victim was found inside.  A tow line was attached to the car to pull it out of the river two hours later.

Huffington Post reports,

Small said investigators later determined that a 50-year-old man had gone to the residence of his wife, who is cooperating with police, and taken the car. He said the description given by the witness matches the husband.

The man probably won’t be facing any theft charges because he and his wife had joint custody of the car.  However, the husband may have violated a protection from abuse order and will most likely face charges of reckless endangerment.

Small states that it was extrememly dangerous for divers to have gone down in the dark, especially in that area where the river bottom is littered with car parts.  Small also indicated that the husband will definately face a charge for illegal dumping.

Goodness this is so messy imagine what the next court hearing will look like.


image via ABC

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