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News: Woman Hits Pedestrians With Car Mirror Over A Parking Spot

There really is a special place in Hell for those that steal parking spots.

image via People of Walmart

image via People of Walmart

Kimberly Pankratius was arrested last week for driving her PT Cruiser at two pederstrians who had claimed the spot she wanted.   Pankratius was waiting for the spot at a Walmart  in Lincoln, Nebraska when Christopher and Julie Weakly drove ahead of her and pulled into the spot she had claimed.  Rude!

The couple “claims” (side eye) they didn’t know Pankratius was waiting for the spot (yea right) and hopped out their car.  Pankratius then called them “douche bags” and kicked her car into high gear into the pedestrians.

Huffington Post reports,

Christopher Weakly told police that the couple ignored Pankratius. He says that he then heard “tires squeal” before he saw the woman driving toward them “at a high rate of speed.” Pankratius’ side mirror allegedly hit Julie Weakly in the arm so hard that the mirror broke and was hanging off the vehicle.

Pankratius admitted to cops that she did drive quickly towards the pedestrians but had no intention to hit them, she just wanted to scare them. She regrets her decisions and feels really bad.

We know that the anger you feel makes you want to run people that steal your spots over, but you must remember you will go to jail.


image via People of Walmart

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