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News: Man Calls 911 to Find A Date [AUDIO]

Well this is a new form of dating.

Do you know that it is a crime to call 911 when there is no emergency?  Apparently not everyone knows that.  Stephen Ramsey of Naples, Florida was arrested Tuesday after calling 911 three times to ask the dispatcher if she was interested on going on a date.  She must of sounded like she looked good.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Ramsey kept her on the phone for six minutes and asked her if she was “into handcuffs”.  He obviously likes it freaky, the dispatcher was not having it.

After a deputy was sent to his home, Ramsey told the officer he was “looking for a date or an escort service to pass the time.”  According to the officer, Ramsey was slurring his words and smelled of alcohol.  This is the prime reason why you should hide your phone from yourself when you get drunk.  A side effect of drunk dialing is jail, don’t do it to yourself people.

Ramsey was charged with the misue of 911 and is in Collier County Jail on $2,000.  Peep the clip below to hear the exact moment where Ramsey messed up.


image via Now Trending


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