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News: Sean Kory Attacks Man Dressed As Fox News Reporter on Halloween

Move over Jeremy Meeks, a new felon bae is in town.

via Huffington Post

via Huffington Post

A Santa Cruz man hates Fox News so much he is willing to beat up people dressed as reporters from the network on Halloween. Sean Kory, was arrested Friday night for alleged assult charges after an encounter with a man dressed as a news reporter at a Halloween parade.

Kory who was dressed as a soccer player told the vicitm, “I hate Fox News” before grabbing the victim’s microphone prop and attacking him with his tennis racket. One eye witness, Dave Viets, claims the tennis racket never hit the man dressed as the Fox reporter.

Huffington Post reports,

“The guy, Kory, tossed it from across the street like a javelin,” Viets told The Huffington Post. “I don’t think it even touched him.”

The victim was not injured in the incident. Kory was one of 32 people arrested at the Santa Cruz Halloween Parade. Although Viets said it didn’t look like the suspect assaulted the fake Fox News reporter, he said Kory did run from officers.

It seems as though Santa Cruz is home of all the felon baes. Earleir this year Jeremy Meeks mugshot circulated the internet and caught the attention of women for the wrong reasons. Whatever is in the water over there, we hope the men keep drinking it and keep the beautiful mugshots coming.

image via Huffington Post

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