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The Daily Read: Catcalling & Why We Should SHUT. IT. DOWN!

By now, you may all be very familiar with the video published last week by Hollaback that went viral! For those who are unfamiliar, please take a look at the video that very accurately depicts the street harassment that females have to go through on a day-to-day basis. This happens to women around the world, EVERY DAY!

Now, I am quite aware of the fact that us women are not the only people that have to deal with catcalling; however, I can only speak about what I know from personal experience.  The factof the matter is that as a woman, walking from point-A to point-B can be one of the most frustrating tasks of our day due to men who think its “okay”, “appropriate” or even “warranted acknowledgement.”  Guys, let me make this really clear to you right now: WE DO NOT APPRECIATE ANY FORM OF CATCALLING!

Being Polite vs. Catcalling

Now, before I delve into this topic I would like to say that there is a very distinct difference between being polite and someone violating their own rights to remain silent – completely disregarding our desire for a peaceful journey to your next destination.  Making eye-contact and acknowledging the presence of attractive women is completely fine. However, what many men fail to realize is that all that is necessary to acknowledge someone’s presence is a simple “hi” or “hello.”  I understand that for many, they were raised to say hello to everyone they come across. And you know what? We respect your upbringing. However, we are not going to ignore the fact that many men use that as an excuse or justification for being completely intrusive and making us feel uncomfortable.

PSA: Men, you do not have the right to make women feel uncomfortable.  Just because you feel a tingle does not mean we need to be the subject of your outburst.  In case you did not know, it’s called OBJECTIFICATION of WOMEN.

Seriously, who do you guys think you are where you believe your opinion of us is that necessary for you to voice? Some men truly think their opinion is so valued that we leave the house looking for their “gracious” outbursts of approval when in reality it is 100% unwarranted and we would really just like to walk in peace!  I mean, many of you have sisters…attractive sisters at that. While walking with said sisters, it appears to be an accepted part of Guy-Code that the catcalling from other men ceases to exist out of a respect from man-to-man.  How dare another man disrespect your sister or even your mother in your godly presence?!  Your presence makes it safe for us to walk the streets without having to worry about people commenting on our outfits, bodies, and/or overall attitude [all of which are none of their damn business!]  However,  I am waiting for someone to explain to me why we cannot experience this same tranquil walks when we are just walking by ourselves.  Why is the same respect not granted when there is no man by our side to accompany us.  Riddle me that!

And God-forbid we are the type of women who refuse to adequately respond to the catcalling of the “gentleman” who asks “Hey baby, how you doing?”  That’s when all-hell-breaks-loose because we must be Lucifer himself for actually rejecting your heavenly advances. Who are we to deny you?! *rolls eyes* I cannot begin to tell you the amount of “ugly bitches” and “stank hoes” I’ve been called after ignoring a catcall. It’s almost as if men think we are obliged to respond respectfully after being completely disrespected.  Sorry Hunny, you’ve got the wrong one! I mean, did you forget that just a second ago you thought we were good enough to sleep with, but once your catcalling failed to make us swoon that is when we become the scum of the earth…? Oh. 

Sir, what is your end game? 

Did you think that was going to work? Truthfully, I can’t blame you guys completely for continuing your heinous acts “kindness.”  It it very clear that these methods must have been successful with someone at some point in time. What is that old saying…? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it if it.”  Well, I guess if it worked to get you sex in the past — then why not, right? But truthfully answer me this: do you truly respect the woman that responds to your inappropriate efforts?  The answer, I’m hoping, is “No.” And maybe you aren’t necessarily looking for a respectable woman at the moment… that’s none of my business. But please leave us respectable women with life goals, values and aspirations out of your quest for easy vagina.


I mean just think about it, would you want your daughter to have to deal with the same harassment you put other people’s daughters through? Would you want you daughter to naively respond to the catcalling with high hopes of actually scoring a respectable man out of it?  Once again, I would expect your answer to be a firm “No.”  I will leave you to ponder this thought: If catcalling was as appreciated by women as you all claim it is, the experimental video would not have gone viral and it would not have sparked a national discussion.

Please watch this video of comedian Amanda Seales shutting down writer Steve Santagati on a CNN special in response to the original Hollaback video.

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