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News: Windowless Planes Might Become Reality

Let’s pass on this one folks.





New concept art could be making its way to an airplane in the near future and it can either make your flying expereince exciting or even more scary.

The new design made by the Center for Process Innovation (CPI) removes the tiny airplane windows, which barely comfort us anyway, allowing for thinner and lighter fuselage.  This sounds all good and dandy until you realize the interior of the plane becomes video displays for cameras mounted outside.

The video doesn’t necessarily have to be views of what is outside.  Poeple are having fun with the concept showing what it would be like to fly over the world or Death Star.  The video can highlight landmarks as well as advertisements, as if we realyl want to see that on a five hour flight to California.

CPI says the lighter design will reduces fuel by 0.75 percent, saving money and reducing CO2 emissions.  Dr. John Helliwell, director of printable electronics at CPI says that this can happen within 10 years.  Although we like the fact that there will be lower airfare, there has to be another less freightening way to save costs.  Tell us your thoughts on this.


image via Mashable

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