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The Daily Read: Let Love Happen [via Mangoes & Coffee]

When someone first thinks about a blog site run by four females, they usually assume the very worst: bitter, man-hating feminists with synched menstrual cycles and fluctuating emotional stability. Well, all of that couldn’t be any further from the truth.  While we may preach about the absolute greatness of being single, we still have hopes of being someone’s cinnamon apple.

So yes, romantic comedies still make us tear up and yes, every now and then we experience severe cases of baby-fever.  So when we see such cuteness as that displayed in the new vlog series “Mangoes and Coffee” starring the lovely Christine Umeh and her boo-thang Joe Pound, we must share!

The charismatic Umeh just-so-happens to be a former classmate and Northeastern University alumn – like the rest of The Library family.  Her bubbly and effervescent spirit shines bright as her and Pound take on new life experiences together in London, England. The couple also tackles various issues and just simply make us all want to be a special someone to SOMEBODY!  We just cannot get enough of the cuteness! Make sure to tune in to their weekly “Mangoes & Coffee” vlog series and soak it all up!

We wish the pair the best of luck in all their European adventures.

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