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News: Woman Fakes Deafness to Keep Boyfriend

Wait a minute!


I can never understand the extremem lengths people go through to keep their relationship.  A waitress in Kodiak, Alaska by the name of “Tina” dated a fisherman for nine months and pretended she was deaf the entire time.  In the new series on Oxygen, “My Crazy Love”, Tina narrates her strange story about her relationship.

According to Huffington Post, Tina says the first meeting was like slow-motion, mainly because she was shocked there was actually an attractive single guy in Kodiak, Alaska.

“I was frozen,” she said on the episode. “I don’t know why …. but I look at the guy and say, ‘I’m deaf.’ He just looks down at me, grabs my shoulder and yells ‘My name is Chris.'”

The couple communicated by sending text messages and body language.  Tina stayed in character being very careful not to react when hearing a dog bark, a door slam, or cross the street and pretend you don’t hear a horn honking at you. Now that’s serious dedication.  It was easier when her fisherman boyfriend went on three month long trips.

Check out the clip of the new series that is set to air October 28th on Oxygen.

image via Huffington Post

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