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The Daily Read: Explain Yo’ Mama

It’s good to have standards, but you ain’t making no sense!

Guys, we have an epidemic on our hands. No, I am not referring to any type of international health crisis or anything of the like. I am talking about people talking trash about or completely discriminating against people based on traits that are also inherent to themselves or their parents. What the hell does this mean? Well, to be frank, it’s about saying you don’t mess with someone who, for all intensive purposes, may share similarities with yo’ mama.

Pretend I’m Kevin Hart for a moment and let me explain. Say a man is ranting on Twitter about how he doesn’t want any girl to even approach him if she has a weave. Now, I may not have the transcripts, but chances are, yo’ mama, yo’ sister, and/or yo’ grandma got a weave or a wig. Chile, take a seat. Don’t go around hating on weave when your sister just copped three bundles of that Brazilian Wavy and you’re shouting her out on IG for her birthday. I’m not saying that you can’t have a type, but when your “preferences” turn into all out slander, I’m gonna need you take a nice look at your lineage and come back to me.

Oh, and this doesn’t stop at men. On the contrary, women are just as guilty of being blind to their heritage when talking a whole lot of mess. I know a woman who was white who proclaimed that she would never date a white man. That’s cool, boo, do you. But do NOT, for the love of the cast of Saved by the Bell, go around talking about white men as if they’re trash if YO DADDY IS WHITE!! Girl, honey, Linda, miss, STOP! You over here talking about how white men have trash *ahem* parts, when I am 150% sure you were conceived by one. Your mama obviously disagrees with your point of view, baby girl.

Look, all I’m trying to say is to stop talking mess about people when your mama/daddy/auntie/sister/dog is just as guilty as the rest of them. If you think that so-and-so is trash, THEN EXPLAIN YO’ MAMA.

See those seats over there? Take several.



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