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The Daily Read: The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace…

I’m not sure about your Twitter timeline, but ever since Jay-Z released his legendary Magna Carta Holy Grail July 4, 2013, every Columbus Day, twitter folk cannot resist reminding us that “the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace.”  As repetitive [and borderline cliche] as it is to see everyone think they are being original with the general disregard for Christopher Columbus’ acclaimed “discovery”, it’s nice to know that our generation refuses to celebrate the misinformed history – even if it is rewarded with a day off from work. The truth of the matter: Christopher Columbus did not discover sh*t!


Today is Monday, October 13, 2014 and like any other Monday, I have been at work.  While my place of work is, and has been for the 100 years of its establishment, a predominately Caucasian institution, they too do not believe in celebrating the man that lied, cheated, stole and killed his way into our American history books.  It is just a regular day of school like any other and I love it.  I do not wish to sound unpatriotic and radical in any sense but I must say that I am sick and tired of the perpetuation of such distilled “history”.  I mean, its not as if this is an original argument that nobody has ever heard of before…people have been arguing over the observation of Columbus Day since its unofficial establishment in the 19th century!

There are so many facts that disprove the idea of Columbus being a great man that deserved celebration. Therefore, that it’s extremely hard for me to see each year go by with his name still earning a day of observance on the Calendar. If this was only a matter of celebrating living in capitalist America, and Columbus Day remained due to the number of sales and discounts, then even that would be a more factual representation of what the man-behind the-day stood for.  However, this is a day, similar to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, etc. in which we are asked to observe the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus – a man who could easily be classified as a terrorist in today’s society. Well America, if you would like to continue to highlight Columbus’ accomplishments, let me break it down for you. Christopher Columbus has succeeded in the following:

  • Being one of the first to exercise white privilege freely.
  • Manipulating his way to the highest of respect.
  • The conquering, enslavement, and ultimate genocide of groups of indigenous people.


Yes, these are stark claims against the supposed man who “discovered the Americas,” and there are many who will disagree with my lack of enthusiasm for this national holiday.  But, if you look and analyzed the amount of wars/conflicts that America has either allied in and/or initiated as a result of strong disapproval towards leaders who operate on Columbus’s same standards: greed, power, manipulation and blatant disregard for human life, you would also be shocked at the fact that this man and his “accomplishments” are still being celebrated.

If the NFL can strip players of their awards for failure to follow the Code of Conduct and all the character/moral standards that fall into that, then I think further consideration needs to go into the national message we send by honoring Christopher “Genocide” Columbus.  I don’t want to get too ranty but it’s all just extremely ridiculous.  So, while you may roll your eyes at your peers for continuously quoting Hov and being unoriginal in all facets of life, acknowledge what we have done: continue to speak up against a bullsh*t holiday even when the government does not want to hear it.

So on this day,  I will honor the only Christopher deemed respectable by Hov: Rest in Paradise to The Notorious B.I.G a.k.a Christopher George Latore Wallace.


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