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The Daily Read: In Jason Derulo’s Words

Is it weird that this post reminds me of a Jordin Sparks song?


If you listen to popular music (read: mainstream), chances are that you have heard Jason Derulo’s newest single “Trumpets.” It is catchy like his other recent hits (“Wiggle” anyone?), and thus it is gaining a heavier radio rotation as of late. I heard the song this morning in the car, and was paying extra attention to the lyrics. Can I tell you how inspiring this man’s writing is?! OMG!! PROFOUND!! Some of what Jason is saying has probably gone WAY over some of your heads, so I decided to be nice and translate/define some of the best parts of the song.

“Is it weird that your ass remind me of a Kanye West song?”


This is one of the first few lyrics of the song that made me stop and shed a tear. Here, Jason is referring to how the loveliness of a woman’s behind brings about thoughts of a song by one of Hip Hop’s greatest heroes, Kanye West. What song is he referring to? Definitely “Through the Wire.” Why? Because, if you think about it, a thong is kind of like a wire, right? It only makes sense.

“Is it weird that your bra remind me of a Katy Perry song?

1katy perry

You just got chills from this one, right? RIGHT?! Man, when I heard this line, I melted. Jason is definitely referring to Perry’s classic “Firework” because the sight of breasts makes him want to explode, pop off, etc.

“Is it weird that your eyes remind me of a Coldplay song?”


GENIUS. I mean, everyone knows that the magic moment when you stare into a lover’s eyes, Chris Martin’s voice begins to sing sweetly in your mind. No one gets this like Jason. NO ONE. Think about a beautiful person’s eyes. I bet you anything that you now have “Viva la Vida” stuck in your head.

“Is it weird that I hear angels every time that you moan?”


Actually…yeah that is weird.

Below is the video to this musical masterpiece. Enjoy!



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