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Lifestyle: Five Recipes Using Molasses

Molasses is such an interesting syrup.

So you bought a jar of molasses because one recipe you had called for it but now 3/4th of the jar is rotting away in your cabinet next to the hot sauce and you’re not sure what to do with it.  You don’t want to throw it out because now you’re wasting your money and you’re mad you bough such a huge jar in the first place.  People of The Library I have found a solution to all your molasses issues that you never knew you had.   All over the web there are a plethora of ways you can use molasses in other recipes you never thought was possible.

1. Bourbon Barbecue Sauce



Our recipe of the week features the use on molasses in a spin on your traditional barbecue sauce.  If you’re tire of going out and buying sauce like I am you can practice making your favs at home.  This is a great and easy recipe to try and put on your favorite dishes like chicken, ribs, beans, even hamburgers.

2. Acorn Squash with Rice, Pineapple and Molasses



It is fall so sqash is a hot vegetable to consume.   The mixture of all the naturally sweet ingredients mixed with the molasses makes this dish perfect for when it’s chilly outside and you want a nice warm meal in your belly.

3. Graham Cracker Brown Bread

via blogspot

via blogspot

If you’re into making food from scratch this is the recipe for you.  There’s not a single person out there who doesn’t like graham crackers, and if you don’t I just can’t trust you.  This is a delicious recipe that is great to make on a weekend and will last you all week.  You can easily use the graham cracker bread in a multitude of recipes including, smores.

4. Molasses Mashed Sweet Potatoes



Sweet potatoes are such a blessing to this world.  Adding a little sugar to them whether it be marshmellows, brown sugar, or even molasses, makes the dish THAT much better.  My mouth is drooling just thinking of how this combination will taste.

5. Coca Cola Ham



My pork lovers should dive in swine heaven.  This ham is cooked in coca cola and marinated in a molasses glaze.  This is a perfect recpie for when you don’t want to make  huge ham and want it done quickly.  Remember this for Thanksgiving if you want to impress your guests.

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