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The Daily Read: Did We Forget The Meaning of Discretion?

UHKAY — it’s time for you to sit down and take some notes.  

If there is anything that needs to be said today, it’s this. After Monday’s eloquently written read from my fellow Librarian Spilled Tea, we were taught that while you might think you’re the center of the attention, it’s in fact NOT your birthday.

Well, that wonderfully mastered post got me thinking a lot about something that most people don’t seem to understand nowadays – a tiny phrase that seems to have been lost in translation, which is probably what lead to all of that drama to ensue in the first place.

What happened to discretion?

The information age has brought about quite the arousal of speculation these days, along with the insatiable need to overshare with those all over the interwebs. Though many think they’re invincible to the drama that comes with talking too much, this often times not the case. With such seemingly open access to a person’s life nowadays, it’s so easy to take a look on someone’s timeline, see their exact thoughts, formulate an opinion and RUN like hell with it. The only thing that people love more than chicken is a scandal. And your lack of discretion doesn’t help that.

We all live for the juicy details of gossip. It’s human nature to be nosy; and though we do our best, it can be hard not to turn around and spread some sort of story with your inner circle. But if you’re one of the people that boo-hoos all over twitter about a man that you’re sharing with 1000 people and whining when people are in your inbox about it after you’ve unwarrantedly claimed them, stop it. No one feels bad for you.


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.40.16 PM

If you follow me on twitter or even read some of posts on here, it might seem like I’m an open book with endless pages for you to flip through. The information I put out online is what I CHOOSE to share and for the most part – control. You can’t control people’s actions, but you can control how they speak about you. You will never, I repeat, NEVER know any sensitive information when it comes to my career, personal, or love life. You don’t know jack about me. And you never will. And that’s because I know the meaning of discretion.

People often confuse social media with a journal, finding it necessary to share every facet of their messy entanglement of their lives, especially their sex lives, with the other people. There is no reason that every follower you have on any one of your platforms should know about who you’re sleeping with, regardless if you tweet them or not. It’s not a matter of “why are you in my business”, more so, “how did they figure it out in the first place?”. I won’t lie to you – it takes maturity to be able to keep your business to yourself and it can be extremely tempting to let the world know just exactly who you are. HOWEVER, we are just a little too old to leave ourselves susceptible to the pokey minds of others.

It’s time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel the need to let the world know every single aspect of your life. As I’ve told you once before – spreading your  deepest, darkest business throughout your social platforms only makes YOU look like a fool, and in turn, opens up the floodgates for speculation. The person you’re talking most likely doesn’t care that you’re talking about them, and creates unnecessary drama for you to deal with.  Though you and ONLY you know the truth to what’s happening in your life, public opinion matters. And if you can’t control your urges to publicly go off on someone OR let the world know that you’re claiming someone that you share with a thousand other people, then the public is going to eat that up like Precious ate up that bucket of chicken. And you don’t reserve the right to be upset about it. Grow up.

Rediscover the lost art form of discretion, guise and gworls, and learn to keep your mouth closed. Your mentions and reputation will thank you.

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