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News: Camel Giggles While Being Tickled

This should brighten up your Monday.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching videos of animals laughing?  This video of a camel “laughing” is making it’s way around the net fours years after it was uploaded to YouTube.  The camel is making noises which sound like giggles when it is being tickled.  Scientists say he is in fact not actually giggling.  The response known as gargalesis is rare in animals.  Only humans, some primates, and rats have been known to exhibit gargalesis.  The camel is acctually experiencing knismesis.  This is a response to a light tickel or itch to rid the animal of bugs that may harm it.  Even if this isn’t a sign of joy, this camel does seem to be one happy camper.

Watch the video below, cheer up, and enjoy your Monday!

image via finedininglovers

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